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What is soul fragmentation and how does it occur? 

Soul fragmentation occurs when you lose parts of your soul as as a result of serious trauma be it mental, emotional, or physical. 

bulletShifting: The state of being partially out of the body (common among traumatized people)
bulletFading: Typical of child in alcoholic or other dysfunctional family. They literally try to disappear;  very quiet in a group; other people have difficulty recalling their presence in any group. They just seem to fade.
bulletSeparation: Serve emotional trauma such as a broken heart, depression, suicidal urges, explosive anger, violent argument, physical trauma such as wartime combat, amputation, accidents surgeries, severe beating, incest, or rape. trauma can result in a significant percentage of the soul escaping and following at a safe distance. This person is an "open door" to attachment and possession. 
bulletEvacuation: People in relationship often exchange soul fragments - love relationship, parent and child, or any other close interaction. Terror an lead to fragmentation and evacuation. Death of a loved one can bring about evacuation.  
bulletSoul Theft: One person desires power over another person; often results from sexual molestation, as well as as the result of a curse or hex. 

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